The Brand

PALMS. Bikini presents an innovative and conscientious perspective on bikinis and one piece swimsuits, celebrating the diverse expressions of femininity and the various ways of embodying womanhood.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary women who champion positive change and empowerment, PALMS. Bikini collections seamlessly merge bold, authentic design with meticulous craftsmanship and a firm dedication to minimizing our social and environmental footprint. Employing in-house and collaborating with partners, we meticulously tailor quality fabrics to curate distinctive collections engineered for longevity.


At PALMS. Bikini, we embrace a deliberate approach to fashion, prioritizing high-grade, sustainably procured materials and producing only what is necessary. All bikinis & swimsuit items are meticulously crafted in-house at our Palma de Mallorca studio. Our commitment to upholding the highest quality standards is matched by our advocacy for ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The materials utilized in our swimsuits is regenerated from post-consumer waste, reflecting our aspiration for our products to be cherished, enduring, and passed down through multiple seasons. We endeavor to inspire our clientele to make more mindful and creative choices, reducing energy consumption and waste, thereby mitigating our collective environmental impact and veering away from the disposable ethos of fast fashion.


We firmly believe that ethical considerations and sustainable methodologies should form the bedrock of a garment’s value proposition. Our ethos revolves around seamlessly integrating sustainable principles with premium materials, without compromising on aesthetics, quality, or functionality.

Emphasizing simplicity and understated elegance, our designs embody a timeless allure intended to transcend fleeting trends and seasons, in direct opposition to the rampant wastefulness perpetuated by fast fashion.

We are committed to dispelling the notion that clothing is disposable, advocating for versatile, enduring designs that can be mixed and matched, serving as foundational wardrobe staples. Through thoughtful design, we aim to inspire our customers to embrace their individual style journey, fostering a more sustainable sartorial landscape for the future.


At PALMS. Bikini, the meticulous design and production of our garments are paramount. Working closely with our skilled team of in-house at our Palma de Mallorca studio we prioritize fair wages, realistic timelines, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

We take immense pride in the enduring relationships we’ve cultivated with our manufacturers over the years, a testament to our unwavering commitment to ethical production standards. 


Embracing a deliberate, sustainable approach, we meticulously select quality, responsibly sourced materials, producing only what is necessary to cater to the conscious consumer. Recognizing that each creation demands Earth’s finite resources and energy, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint without compromising on quality or comfort.